Catering by Eldorado Cafe

We'd love to create the perfect catering package for you. Interested in starting a catering order? Email us at to inquire about catering menus, staffed events, and delivery for large catering.

Check out our catering menus below
or download a
printable copy.

Eldorado Cafe is working hard to help you with your catering needs!We are currently experiencing a staffing shortage in Austin. For us, this impacts our catering department. If we find we cannot help you, we have staffing company referrals we can pass on to you and you can still order our food.

Need it delivered? All catering orders must meet our minimum of $150 to qualify for deliveries. Staffing availability will be taken into consideration with any delivery requests. Our delivery fee is 10% of the food total, not to exceed $75. If you have an order that does not meet our minimum, please feel free to call the store at 512-420-2222 and one of our staff members will be happy to handle it. If we are not available to deliver, we encourage you to reach out to Runner City, a facebook group. There you can find a runner to pick up food at Eldorado Cafe and take to your home or office.

To pick up a catering order, please pull into one of the numbered spaces in our parking lot. Follow the instructions on the sign in front of your space and be sure to include 'catering' in your text. Our staff will bring your food out to your car.

Corporate catering? Reach out to our catering email to discuss pick-up or delivery options. Please note that you can request individually packaged meal options for office meals. If you are an EZCater customer, you may place your corporate catering order here.

Our catering department does not handle individual meals off our restaurant menu. Please contact the store.

We look forward to providing the most delicious part of your party, let us know what you are planning.