Gats Agreement Ppt

GATS Agreement PPT: Understanding the Basics

The General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) is a treaty of the World Trade Organization that was created to promote trade in services across international borders. The agreement covers four modes of supply: cross-border supply, consumption abroad, commercial presence, and the movement of natural persons.

As businesses expand beyond their national borders and into international markets, it is important to understand how GATS can impact service industries. In this article, we will discuss the basics of GATS agreement and its importance to PowerPoint presentations.

GATS Agreement and PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint is a widely used tool for creating and sharing presentations. The software allows businesses, professionals, and educators to convey complex information in an accessible and visual way. It is important to note that the GATS agreement has several implications for PowerPoint presentations. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. GATS Categories

When creating a PowerPoint presentation for an international audience, it is important to consider the GATS categories. Each category defines the type of service being traded and the mode of supply. Understanding these categories helps businesses and service providers to choose the appropriate mode of supply and the legal framework that governs it.

2. Cross-Border Supply

Cross-border supply refers to the supply of services from one country to another. This can include services that are delivered over the internet, such as online courses or webinars. When creating a PowerPoint presentation for cross-border supply, it is essential to ensure that the content is relevant, accessible, and culturally sensitive.

3. Commercial Presence

Commercial presence refers to the provision of services through a foreign establishment. Companies that want to operate in a foreign country need to know the regulations that govern commercial presence. A PowerPoint presentation that promotes services offered through commercial presence must be carefully crafted to comply with local laws and regulations.

4. Movement of Natural Persons

The movement of natural persons refers to the temporary movement of individuals across borders for the purpose of providing services. This can include professionals such as consultants and trainers. PowerPoint presentations for these types of services should consider the cultural differences and the language barrier that may exist.


In conclusion, the GATS agreement is an essential framework that governs the movement of services across international borders. PowerPoint presentations are an effective tool for businesses and service providers to promote their services across borders. However, it is important to understand the GATS categories and the legal frameworks that govern them to ensure compliance with local laws and regulations.

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